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Thanks for visiting our website. We would like to present you the work of Council of International Fellowship (CIF) Turkey and  invite you to participate in our Professional Exchange Programme!

Our Aims and Objectives
Together with our international association C.I.F., we contribute to peace and a better international understanding by means of exchange programmes for human service professionals. Bringing people together from different countries and cultures and letting them share their experience is the core principle of the exchange programmes. We promote lifelong learning and make this unique offer to professionals working in the field of social work and related human services such as social workers, psychologists, education majors and other service professionals. If you are interested in participating in one of the exchange programmes, please have a look at  www.cifinternational.com.

Who We Are
As a non-profit organization, CIF Turkey is a part of the world organization International CIF that consists of 33 National Branches from 5 continents. CIF Turkey was founded in 1993 by the previous participants to the The Council of International Programmes USA (CIP USA) and CIF professional exchange programmes.
The initial exchange programme started in 1956 in Cleveland, USA. In 1960, German participants to the CIP programme organized a reciprocal visit. Later, other countries followed Germany and organized their National Branches and joined in the world organization called Council of International Fellowship: CIF International.
Every year CIF Turkey accepts applications, carries on interviews and selects the professionals from the field of  social work and human services and sends their applications to the countries who organize exchange programmes. These professionals who have experienced these CIF exchange programmes, become members of CIF Turkey and be CIF Turkey’s messengers to spread their experiences.

What We Do
Council of International Fellowship (CIF) Turkey represents Turkey in CIF International Organisation. CIF Turkey also organizes international professional exchange programmes aiming to develop professional knowledge and vision and establish international fellowship among social work professionals.

CIF Turkey aims to promote the interest and participation in the international programmes, cooperates in the selection of Turkish applicants and helps them to apply to the programme in the USA and other countries. Living abroad in such programmes is not only a contribution to the individual in professional and private aspects, the after-effects often are important and long-lasting for the participant.

Since 1993, besides organising twelve international professional exchange programmes which last for three to four weeks and having participants from countries such as Austria, Australia, Germany, England, Scotland, United States of America, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand, more than 150 social work professionals from Turkey attended other countries’ exchange programmes (Please see experiences).

During CIF Turkey Professional Exchange Programme, social work professionals from various countries are being hosted by families in Turkey. The participants are informed about the social welfare systems and the diversity of human services in Turkey other than the social services by the field visits to public and private agencies, NGO’s, universities, related programmes and projects. By visiting social work, health, education, law organizations, the participants have a chance to make observations on the social welfare system of Turkey and learn producing the forms of solving different countries’ social problems by communicating with their colleagues who participate the programme from various countries.

After the three to four weeks exchange programme, participants leave with a unique perspective of different methods and successes, which provide the basis for improving professional practice.
Within the programme, the participants also learn practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment of Turkey and Turkish way of life with one-to-one experiences. Since there are participants from different countries attending CIF Turkey exchange programme, they have a chance to share their professional and personal experiences, which is becoming a great opportunity for their professional and personal development. (Please see experiences).

The professional exchange reports of the participants are being shared by CIF Turkey Members, published on the website of Association of Social Workers Turkey and put into the archive of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

The opportunity to experience the way of living in a different culture always opens a door to getting to know foreign welfare workers, challenging personal standards, values and culture, increasing the ability to relativize, building long-lasting international friendships, improving proficiency in expressing oneself in a foreign language.

CIF Turkey participates in CIF International Conferences that take place every other year (see Conferences). The 30th CIF International conference took place in Ankara, Turkey in June 2013. (http://conference.cifturkey.org). CIF Turkey celebrated its 20th anniversary of its existence at the conference. The theme of the 30th CIF International Conference was “Encounters In a Global World: Threats and Opportunities for Social Workers and Human Service Professionals”. The main subtopics of the conference theme were: Diversity and Identity, Discrimination, Conflicts and Violence, Hate Crimes, Reconciliation, Internet Abuse, Human Trafficking and Refugees.