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The international exchange programs offer professional, cultural and educational exchange opportunities. The program combines practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment of the host country beside Cross-cultural exchange the participants who come from many different countries.

Exchange programs are offered in a number of countries and still other countries are in the process of planning programs. Program structure is the same in all countries but the duration of the program varies from 10 days to 18 months. Some programs require the payment of a fee. CIF Turkey has been organizing program for foreign social workers, youth leaders, special educators and related professionals since 1994.

Who is Eligible?
A CIF-participant (whether in Turkey or abroad) must:

  • be professionally qualified and employed as a social worker, youth leader, special educator or other social work related professions;
  • be involved in direct service with clients and have a minimum of 3 years professional experience;
  • understand and speak English fluently (some programs require a degree of fluency in the local language as well).

Expectations and reality
To ensure that the expectations of the participants do not exceed the realities of the country's social work scene and the natural limitations of each program, the following information is provided:

  • The participant must pay his or her own way to and from the county in question.
  • The participant must have full travel insurance coverage including third part liability.
  • CIF will not be responsible for living expenses which are not related to participation in the actual program. This means that the participant will need money for his or her own expenses such as gifts, personal travel etc., and for all expenses before and after.
  • Participation is a full time involvement. Therefore, the participant should not allow family members or friends to visit during the duration of the program. CIF can not take responsibility for visiting friends or family members.
  • The participant is not permitted to work while participating in the CIF program.
  • Language barriers may require that field experience is limited to observation only.
  • CIF recommends that the participant becomes a member of his or her branch after returning home.